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Welcome to Units of Local Government

Welcome to the DeKalb County Clerk & Recorder’s Units of Local Government Page.

Here, members of local elected and appointed boards can upload budgets, levies, and names of those that are required to file Statements of Economic Interest, add elections, and more.

Members of those boards can complete their required, annual, statements using this system, print a receipt, or their board’s secretary can print reports showing the progress of their board’s submissions.

Additionally, the public has full access to see the filings of those individuals, review budgets, and levy documents, as they are submitted, and print them for their review. Should you have any questions or concerns, call the Clerk & Recorder’s office at 815.895.7149.

Click here if you are a local board’s clerk, secretary, or administrator. Upload SEI filers, budgets, levies, or update contact information.

If you are an elected or appointed official that serves on a local board and are required to file a statement of economic interest, click here.

Members of the public can access information as it relates to the submission of statements of economic interest, budgets, levies, and see who has filed as a candidate for local office.